The Montreal Declaration of LGBT Human Rights

In the summer of 2006, the 1st World Outgames took place in Montreal, comprising sports, culture and human rights. The International Conference on LGBT Human Rights was a big event,  worth to be remembered.  The conference adopted the Declaration of Montreal, a text mainly drafted by Robert Wintemute and me (we were co-presidents of the conference).  The Declaration was meant to summarize the main demands of the international LGBT movement in the broadest possible terms  in the language used in international organizations.

The text (in several languages) is to be found here:

I also wrote an article in a reader issued by HIVOS, explaining the context of the Declaration. See:

[The Montreal Declaration of LGBT Human Rights, in: Ireen Dubel and André Hielkema (eds.), Urgency Required; gay and lesbian rights are human rights,. S.l.(The Hague, Hivos) 2008, pp. 235-240]