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27. Launching website Declaration of Montreal

UK Gay News, 24 November 2006: 
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AMSTERDAM, November 24, 2006 –  
A new website was launched today to promote the ‘Declaration of Montreal’, which was endorsed at the international conference on LGBT human rights, which was held in the framework of the 1st World Outgames in Montreal in July. 
This largest-ever international conference on LGBT issues was attended by 1500 people from more than hundred countries in the world. 
“The Declaration of Montreal is an attempt to summarise and explain the demands of the international LGBT movement,” said the former Dutch MEP Joke Swiebel, a co-president of the Montreal conference. 
“As the Declaration was not always easily to find on the internet, this new website was launched,” she added. 
The website contains the text of the Declaration in three languages – English, French and Spanish, a short explanation of the backgrounds and a list of elected bodies – such as city councils – and political parties that have endorsed the Declaration, or where a proposal to do so is put on the agenda.  
The intention of this website is to facilitate the use of the Declaration as an advocacy tool and to spread information on the follow-up activities that have taken place so far.  
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